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One of the Origianl Rada Ranges, sits at the Smithsonian in DC

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Tappan RadarRange

When microwave technology was developed by Ratheon in the 1940s, it was appropriated for use solely by the U.S. Military in order to further defense strategies during WWII.  They used it for RADAR.

Following the war though, it was determined that the Army could make the science available to industry, so the technology could be used to devise a microwave oven for common use in American homes.

They called it a RADAR Range.

At that time, the patent holders and the U.S. Army started looking at U.S. manufacturers to determine what company might best serve the nation by opening an entirely new and revolutionary market in American home cooking.

There were a number of leading appliance companies whose popularity among homemakers made them possible candidates to receive the new technology, but ultimately there was only one whose credentials fulfilled the entire necessary checklist:

1)  a reliable company capable of high-quality production;

2) a company talented and accomplished at marketing;

3) and a company already well-known for groundbreaking innovation.

It was the Tappan Stove Co. of Mansfield, Ohio.  NCOIM has an Original Cookbook that was used by twelve wives of Tappan Executives; to sample & record their finding, for five years.

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Watch this Video on the History of Tappan


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