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Rendering of Ideal Electric Exhibit

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Ideal Electric

Horizontal Induction Motor

IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, formerly Hyundai Ideal Electric Co., is a pioneering, American owned manufacturer of high-power, specialty electric motors, generators, condensers, switchgear, power systems and controls with capabilities ranging from standard 125 HP hermetic induction motors to customized water-cooled synchronous condensers and permanent magnet generators up to 50 MVA.

Born in 1903 out of a 2,500 square foot converted horse carriage shop in Ohio with an order for an elevator motor, IDEAL ELECTRIC has grown to become a globally recognized electric machine maker with tens of thousands of references. The company is distinguished as a leader in synchronous motors, delivering our first in 1918, hermetic motors for refrigeration and high-voltage models for air conditioning, Eddy Current Couplings, 400 Hz generators, “No-break” Continuous Power Systems, brushless excitation, a centrifugal rotor castor, wind-powered generators, epicyclic gear-driven generators, and 300% overspeed tolerant hydro-generators are select examples of the innovations IDEAL ELECTRIC has introduced over the years.

During the World Wars, many motors were supplied for numerous applications, many warships operated with components built by IDEAL, and aircraft were ground-powered by 400 Hz generators. Generals, Admirals, and even Presidents of the United States have bestowed the company with letters of commendation.

IDEAL ELECTRIC low and medium speed generators for diesel engines, gas, steam, geothermal and hydroelectric installations are legendary for their robustness and longevity. Our custom poly-phase induction, synchronous and wound-rotor motors are found in every application, are built to the highest specifications and meet all industry standards with ratings up to 50,000 HP. Most recently, the introduction of high-horsepower permanent magnet motors to the product portfolio in medium and low voltages, high and super-slow speeds, for all applications embody our commitment to yet another century of innovation and custom solutions.

IDEAL ELECTRIC has a reputation for an unyielding commitment to quality reflected in every part we supply and proven by the thousands of machines operating today around the world. Our Genuine IDEAL Parts & Service program, along with our heavy manufacturing and testing capabilities, guarantee you know what you are getting in new or re-manufactured parts. Parts that fit your exact electric machine’s original specification or newly engineered and manufactured to upgraded solutions. All of IDEAL ELECTRIC’s original designs, drawings, and specifications; the tools, dies, molds and jigs are preserved, and our entire team, including engineers and technicians, are here supporting your calls day and night. We not only serve our products, but we are uniquely equipt and available to assist with anyone else’s legacy equipment and as well. Protect your investment and assure IDEAL quality; always insist on Genuine IDEAL Parts & Service.

IDEAL’s Mansfield Works is located on a 29-acre site in downtown Mansfield, Ohio where the first purpose-built factory was erected in 1920. Over the years, the shop has grown to become one of the most capable, vertically-integrated large rotating machine manufacturing plants in the Americas with over 280,000 square feet under roof. Our massive test floor allows for complete testing of synchronous motors and generators in both the vertical and horizontal configuration and full load testing of induction motors up to 8,000 HP, at voltages from 480 volts to 14.4 kV and at 60Hz and 50 Hz.

IDEAL is one of the few motor and generator manufacturers who has designed and built our own switchgear, assuring a coordinated design and trouble-free start-up. We are also the only U.S. manufacturer to supply space-saving generator-mounted epicyclic gears.

In September 2017, IDEAL ELECTRIC was acquired from Hyundai Heavy Industries of Seoul, South Korea marking the return of the company to privately held, 100% American ownership. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that places innovation and our customers first, IDEAL ELECTRIC is uniquely positioned with best-in-class capabilities to handle almost any size project, while providing the personal attention customers appreciate



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